Citrix and Terminal Services Consulting


Organisations are driven by the diverse applications they run. We understand that it can be significantly challenging to deliver applications to users internally and externally via a variety of access methods whilst maintaining a consistently acceptable end user experience.

 Thin client technology allows applications and data to be centrally stored, whilst the users are free to access it from anywhere, anytime.

 We consider thin client technology to be an enabling technology that addresses specific business challenges such as:

Centralised Application Deployment - Applications are installed and managed from a central location. Patches and updates occur on the centralised server which allows for near-instantaneous deployment of new applications and updates without the user’s computers being accessed at all. This guarantees that all users are running the same up-to-date versions of the applications. Files and application data remains centralised so you can be assured that it being backed up. Lost or stolen notebooks need not contain valuable company data at all.

Secure Remote Access - Remote Access to organisational data and application is a key requirement for our customers today. We have the skills and expertise to provide thin client remote access solutions for your company over a secure and encrypted access tunnel. This can be password protected or protected by password and a physical or electronic key fob (2-factor authentication device). Depending on your business requirements, users can work remotely from any computer with an Internet connection, and access the same applications and data that they could from the office.

Compatibility - Thin client applications don’t need to be compatible with the computers your end users are using. Your users can run the very latest software from your centralised server, on desktops and laptop computers running on incompatible or older operating systems. Run multiple applications at the same time that would otherwise be difficult or troublesome. Say goodbye to update java and .net frameworks across your environment just to run business applications (not to mention worrying about what versions your home users might be running).

Consulting One has thin client specialists that have built and maintained some of the largest Citrix environments in Queensland, and we are the only IT provider in Regional Queensland to consistently commit to supporting Citrix infrastructure.


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