VMware and Virtualisation Consulting


Server virtualisation is now the de-facto proven standard for any significant server infrastructure deployment and the many benefits of virtualisation are very compelling.

The traditional technical model for deploying new servers meant that business owners and managers purchased new physical servers, each with the required amount of hardware resources to perform the task required. Common sense dictated that extra resources would be purchased “just in case” more storage, or memory, or CPU power would be needed in the future. Each server consumed electricity, produced heat and noise, and continued to take up more and more physical space as needs grew.

The virtualisation value proposition is built on the fact that most physical servers do not use all of their hardware resources all the time, and overall a huge amount of resources go to waste through lack of utilisation.

Virtualisation software (such as VMware vSphere) allows fewer physical servers to be deployed and configured to “pool” their resources. Virtual servers can then be deployed and assigned only the resources they require. This radical shift in methodology ultimately delivers the same applications and services to the end user, but with less physical servers, heat, electricity and noise whilst providing exciting new opportunities for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery that would have been difficult to achieve before.

Consulting One is a VMware partner authorised to supply and install the complete VMware product range. Our consultants and technical pre-sales staff are trained and certified in VMware technology and subjected to rigorous re-testing periodically.

Our expertise in server infrastructure, VMware products, networking and data storage ensures that you’re working with a partner that can deliver and support the entire solution throughout its lifecycle.


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