SMB Managed Maintenance Services


In large organisations, systems administrators perform maintenance to computer and network systems, apply security patches when required and keep the environment current and up to date. In smaller organisations it simply isn’t possible to have a full time administrator to keep on top of things. Increasingly, it’s becoming less feasible to have an existing staff member fill the secondary role of “computer expert” due to the fast-changing pace of technology and the broad knowledge required to make strategic decisions.

We understand the importance of regular maintenance on systems and it is our experience that significantly fewer issues present themselves overall when systems are monitored and regularly serviced. Often, signs of major failures are evident well in advance and could be prevented with the right expertise and a pro-active attitude.

Our Managed Maintenance Service consists of a regularly scheduled onsite visit to perform maintenance on servers and workstations, and other technology-related tasks as required. The frequency of visits and the allocated time is driven by the customer - although we’re happy to help guide the decision towards something appropriate and reasonable.


  • Scheduled visits on days and times that suit you. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly;
  • A streamlined set of checks for servers and workstations that are proven to increase the reliability of computer systems;
  • Customised maintenance activities designed just for your environment if required – such as regular updates to a finance system for example;
  • Quarterly and annual maintenance on some devices such as servers and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (fans that need cleaning, or batteries that need testing are good examples);
  • Installation of new operating and system security “patches” and “hot fixes” from Microsoft and other vendors;
  • Flexible enough to include regular onsite technical support at the same time;
  • Can be integrated with our offsite backup and storage capabilities – we pick up and drop off your backup media, and securely store them in an ideal environment;
  • All staff are Microsoft certified on the latest technologies and qualified to perform maintenance on a variety of vendor equipment and software;
  • A fixed cost maintenance solution with no risk and no lock-in without minimum hours to get started. The schedule can be altered at any time with 14 days notice or upon mutual agreement;


 Our managed services are billed at the same hourly rate as our normal onsite activities although there are many advantages to operating under a managed maintenance service:


  • A fixed, known cost for each maintenance period, summarised monthly without any big surprises and without needing to deal with many small invoices;
  • A scheduled, agreed-upon time for your maintenance to take place. This makes things easier because you know exactly when we’re visiting and how long we’re there for;
  • Daily server status reports sent to our helpdesk for our managed maintenance customers only;
  • The allowance can be utilised for onsite work, or remote helpdesk support over the phone or via remote support software;
  • Any time not used and rolled forward and saved until the following maintenance, or until such time that it is needed, your hours are never taken away;
  • Can be paid monthly, or in advance with pre-paid consulting services with bonuses applied;


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