C1 MyTechTeam - Total IT Management

Technology and Communications technologies are more complicated than ever, and as a decision-maker of your organisation you need fast and accurate guidance to help make the right decisions. The Consulting One MyTechTeam service offers a completely managed solution, just as though you had your own professional IT team.

Highlights Include:


  • Flat-rate Monthly Agreements
  • Simple Terms & Conditions
  • Unlimited Support Calls
  • Regular IT Updates, report card and budgeting
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Can include features such as On-Call, Disaster Recovery



Consulting One MyTechTeam

For a flat-rate monthly fee (calculated on the number of active employees) Consulting One manages all physical IT and communications infrastructure and responds to systems alerts, emergencies and requests on an unlimited basis. For new customers, a thorough on-boarding process ensures that we will have immediate feedback on your environment and processes. A “report card” and approximate budget for future improvements, capital expenditure, and operational expenditure is developed and maintained so that you’re always kept informed of the state of your systems.


  • Development of IT policies and procedures unique to your organisation – in particular security policy, end user agreements etc.
  • Asset management – full reporting on the aging of assets, associated risks and recommended steps (for example, workstations may be utilised for longer with minor upgrades rather than complete replacement)
  • Full monitoring of all IT hardware 24x7 and unlimited service desk calls for your employees. Support tickets can even be logged directly from the desktop (along with a screenshot) without needing to make a call
  • Service Level Agreements and access to a customer portal to view support utilisation
  • A range of other services such as access to On-Call, Backup and Disaster Recovery and more


Service Level Agreements - fast response times for ticket assignment, planning and resolution, automatic internal escalations

The Consulting One MyTechTeam managed service agreement is delivered in accordance with strict (and measured) SLAs. Tickets and customers are given the best priority possible with internal escalations to make sure.


Regular Business reviews (Report Cards) - quarterly opportunities to learn about your business and your challenges and priorities. Our goal is to assist and adapt to your changing and evolving organisation.

  • More strategic IT decision-making
  • An opportunity to review your IT environment


Budgeting and Planning - a fully-maintained capex and opex ICT plan and budget for 5 years. Plan ahead to level out your infrastructure expenditure

See ahead of time where workstations, servers and other equipment require servicing or may need replacing.

  • Fully maintained as changes occur
  • Simple layout with plain English explanations


Vendor Management - Ever had the hardware vendor blame the software vendor, and vice versa, leaving you without a solution? Allow us to perform vendor management on your behalf to achieve the best outcomes

Allow us to deal with Telstra, Microsoft or your other ICT vendors when implementing changes or diagnosing issues. We “talk their language” and most often can achieve positive results.


Value-Added Services - Integrate with our many other products and services offerings


A Complete Solution - we do everything

Never worry again about the cost of picking up the phone. With our fixed-price MyTechTeam you have access to an entire IT team at a fixed, simple rate that scales with the size of your business.

Our agreement is about people, and the support they need. We’ll happily support users with a desktop, notebook, smart phone and a tablet with no additional cost involved. On MyTechTeam you can add as many servers and other devices as you like without affecting the cost.



Businesses have many options when it comes to managing
Internet domain names and hosting websites. Many providers
offer differing products at differing price points and in many
cases it may not be clear what you are actually getting, or if it
even represents good value.
Since 2006 our customers have entrusted their domain name
management and hosting needs to us, al lowing us to provide a simplified
worry-free experience at competitive market prices. We can manage the
domain name registration and renewal of al l of your domains, the DNS
zone hosting, website hosting, or any combination you wish.
· No setup or migration fees for simple sites on 3 year agreements;
· We manage the domain name and renew it automatically so it will
never expire again;
· We can host DNS for “additional” domain names that you reserve
for the future, or do not need websites for;
· Ful l web hosting features, along with support for PHP/MySQL and
a myriad of other technologies;
· A fully-managed worry-free solution with a simple annual hosting

fee – with a 60 day opt out period;


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